• Workplace Knowledge Flows
    • Quarterly Journal of Economics (August 2020)
    • Jason Sandvik, Richard Saouma, Nathan Seegert, and Christopher Stanton
    • (Full Text) (Link)
  • Board Monitoring, Director Connections, and Credit Quality 
  • Research: How Virtual Teams Can Better Share Knowledge 
    • Harvard Business Review (November 2020)
    • Jason Sandvik, Richard Saouma, Nathan Seegert, and Christopher Stanton
    • (Full Text) (Link)
  • Employee Responses to Compensation Changes: Evidence from a Sales Firm 
    • Management Science (December 2021) 
    • Jason Sandvik, Richard Saouma, Nathan Seegert, and Christopher Stanton
    • (Full Text) (Link)
  • CEO Pay Ratio Voluntary Disclosures and Stakeholder Reactions
    • Review of Accounting Studies (Forthcoming)
    • Lisa LaViers, Jason Sandvik, and Da Xu
    • (Full Text) (Link)
  • Creativity Contests: A Field Experiment on Eliciting Employee Creativity
    • Journal of Accounting Research (Forthcoming)
    • Jasmijn Bol, Lisa LaViers, and Jason Sandvik
    • (Full Text)
  • Clawback Provisions and Firm Risk
    • Review of Corporate Finance Studies (Forthcoming)
    • Ilona Babenko, Benjamin Bennett, John Bizjak, and Jeffrey Coles, and Jason Sandvik
    • (View on SSRN)

Working Papers:

  • The Effect of Workplace Gender Diversity Disclosures on Job Search Decisions
    • Lisa LaViers and Jason Sandvik
    • Presentations: Journal of Accounting Research – Registered Reports Series
    • (Full Text)
  • CEO Activism and Firm Value
    • Revise and Resubmit: Management Science
    • Anya Mkrtchyan, Jason Sandvik, and Vivi Zhu
    • Presentations: Tulane University, Florida State University, 2021 Eastern Finance Association, 2021 Drexel Corporate Governance, 2021 Western Finance Association, 2021 Northern Finance Association, University of North Texas 
    • (View on SSRN)
  • IPO Price Formation and Board Gender Diversity 
    • Raghu Rau, Jason Sandvik, and Theo Vermaelen
    • Presentations: 2021 Financial Management Association
    • (View on SSRN)
  • Should Workplace Programs Be Mandatory or Voluntary? Evidence from a Field Experiment on Mentorship
    • Jason Sandvik, Richard Saouma, Nathan Seegert, and Chris Stanton
    • Presentations: Harvard Business School, MIT, 2021 Financial Management Association Recent Research Session, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, University of Arizona, 2022 Labor and Finance Group Conference, 2022 Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics, 2022 Advances with Field Economics, 2022 NBER Personnel Economics
    • (View on SSRN)
  • The Impact of Board Gender Diversity on Female Labor Market Outcomes
    • Tanya Byker, Sara Malik, Elena Patel, and Jason Sandvik
    • Presentations: 2022 Drexel Corporate Governance Conference, 2022 Haskayne and Fox Accounting Conference
    • Email for draft


Empirical Corporate Finance, Labor Economics, Experimental Economics

Curriculum Vitae:

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